Friday, August 19, 2011

Wanted to share with you all...

Good morning! I recently replied on one of my post-ers, Cathya (who is amazing!) and I felt it was something to share with you all...

I do tend to keep my images soft, and my stories short. The reason for this is simple. With the softer images, I feel it adds realism to the hapless damsel. Not all of us have prosthetics that make us look like Playboy models. But we all have those specific outfits that make us look simply amazing!

As for the short stories, there are two reasons. First, I have a limited amount of space, and my viewers have a limited amount of time. Also, by keeping my space limited, it makes me focus on telling an open ended story where the reader can add their details and spark their imaginations. At least, I hope that happens!

Thank you so much for your feedback - it helps me get better at this!

Love & Fishnets,

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