Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Question

The past 7 posts, no comments. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something you want me to do that I'm not doing? I'm not trying to fish for compliments, rather, I want to know if there is something you need that I am not providing...


  1. Hi Felicia,

    Don't get disheartened by lack of commentary, my no.2 and no.3 all-time most viewed captions have never been commented on. You've hit a high standard of captioning, once you've done that people get used to that quality and are less likely to comment if they read something good. People will tend to comment if your caption hits a particular spot for them but that's all down to their personal tastes. Some of the captions that I've liked making the most have never been commented on whilst some I've not been 100% satisfied with have been popular and drawn lots of responses. Thinking back to my favourite captions, all of the one's that have influenced me the most I've never left a comment on. I'd say, continue making the stuff you like and you'll always have an audience.

  2. Hiya Felicia,

    Samantha is so right. I've just found your blog (and hers!) and I think you both have a really soft and sweet and lovely way of doing it. And it's all SO beautiful!

    I've just started going through some of your captions...and can't believe how much you say the absolute right thing.

    It's all beautiful, Felicia. Hope you do some more soon.

    Thank you!

    Lots of