Sunday, June 17, 2012

A gift for Daddy...

You know, a lot of people might be surprised to find out that at heart, I'm a simple, old fashioned girl. I am not conservative, by any means, but I do believe that some things should stand the test of time. I believe in traditional roles that women should fulfill for their men. They are stronger and more powerful than us, so they deserve our obeidence and submission.

Of course, on occasion, we do stray from the will and whim of our Masters. It's only natural for a girl to forget her place. After all, we are such silly, vain creatures. That is when a man takes it upon himself to correct us as he sees fit. And as a woman, I want to thank the men who have corrected us all of our lives. We deserve every single hard smack on our tender, panty clad bottoms. They remind us of our place, our selves, and our need to be submissive and obedient to men.

So to our Daddies, both real and chosen, we submit ourselves to you, and beg you to give us what we so rightly deserve...

Happy Father's Day!!!

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